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#1 BEST Way to

Eye Drops too! It's Ingenious!

Top 10 Smart Reasons to Use
The EyePOD for Contacts & Eye Drops

  • FAST, SAFE insertion & Removal of HARD or SOFT Contact Lenses, Forever Finger Free Hygiene. Hydro-Affinity design so nothing ever touches your eyeball. Click to read why Finger - Free matters...
  • Precise LENSMaster™ Adapter. Easily Cradles Lens to insert. No more Balancing on Finger tips. EASY, just look into the "Tunnel of Light".
  • Makes Contact Lenses super EZ to use. Always Perfect Placement of Contacts on Exact Center
    of your eye - every time - IN 1 SECOND!.
  • Really Big Time Savings with contact lenses. No hassles. Easy In & Easy Out. Got a second? That's all it takes to pop Contacts In or 0ut with the EyePOD™ - NO MIRRORS needed!
  • New Ability to Fast-Flush out irritating particles that get into eyes while wearing contacts. Eliminates bothers of having to take them out, clean, lubricate & reinsert. Just 3 drops in the EyePOD, a few Wiggles = Gone! Flushed out! Quick & Easy.
  • New Ability: Efficiently puts 1 Single precise Eye Drop on the exact center of each eye. No more Pain bending back one's head. Stops the waste of high-cost eye drops running down checks.
  • New Ability: refreshing Beauty Massage of tired, dry sore eyes for Fast Pleasurable Relief. Refreshed eyes perk you up!
  • Holds drops on eye longer: MAKES them More Effective & Faster. It's the Dry-Eye Answer. Job Interview? Little sleep? Partying? Only the EyePod eye shaped Dropper Gets the “Red-Out” Quick & Complete.
  • New Personal FIRST AID Kit for Quick Response action to Fast Flush eyes, apply medications, and useful for many eye injuries. True: It’s a Good idea to have Spares since the daily savings make them a ZERO Cost to you.
  • Using the LENSMaster™ is by far the easiest most efficient, sure, super fast warp speed - safest way to RECENTER Off-Center Lenses. Or you can just quickly remove & reinsert them on Center. Either way, it is simple "Touch and go" super fast and safe using the LENSMaster. Life is good.
You owe it to yourself!

Summary: The EyePOD Precisely Places your Contact lenses or a Single Eye-Drop on EXACT center of eye. No need to ever bend over backwards AGAIN! Inserts & Removes Lenses FINGER-FREE in one Pico second! Quickest Relief of Dry Eyes, Blood Shot Eyes & Irritated Computer-Tired eyes. Saves You Money EVERY Time you put in Contact lenses & Eye-Drops. Great for Cataracts. Glaucoma, Allergies, Diabetes, Lasiks. Easier, Safer, Quicker! Purse & Pocket PORTABLE. Pays for itself in mere weeks. GUARANTEED!   See EZ-Ordering page for more details...

Lens*Master part of EyePodMagic lens care kit The EyePOD  INSERTS & REMOVES both Hard & Soft Contact Lenses in 1 Second.
Finger Free, Germ Free, With No Mirror!

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•  1000s in Stock – We ship in 1 Day
• Wholesalers/Distributors Invited
-Business Opportunities
-Holistic Health Franchises.

Google has announced blood sugar monitoring ability built into a contact lens and it has previously been announced that contact lenses can be used to deliver slow but continual release of medications. Now there's no reason anyone must miss-out because they just cannot master insertion & removal of contacts. They can now use the FAST, SAFE, super simplistic EZ-In / EZ-Out EyePOD for Insertion & Removal of these new types of contact lenses.

The EyePOD Eye Care Kit's Tunnel-of-Light feature places Contact Lens & Eye Drops on the Exact Center of the eye Forever-Finger-Free / Germ-Free in 1 mere second using affinity Physics. No mirrors needed! It even removes or re-centers off-center Lenses!  Quick-Safe-Easy. It’s pocket Portable, very low cost ($12.95 or less), Ends waste, Saves You $$ + Time forever.  Never touches eye itself.  It quickly flushes out foreign objects, stops itching & burning, Wets dry eyes.  Delivers any Eye Medication super fast. Defies Gravity: No bending over backwards needed!  Inserts & Removes Contacts fast & easy. It’s quite amazing. Nothing else compares! The EyePOD is a marvel for Travel: Airplane, Auto, Space Ship, Train & Camping. Healthier eyes for a life time! You will LOVE this EyePOD.

So Order Now (click here to EZ-Order) and be sure to get a Spare (at virtually 1/2 price now) so you'll never be without one. Money Back Guarantee.     The EyePOD will become your new Best Friend!   It WORKS!
Recent email from Jay in Tenn. "The EyePOD has been a Godsend!" (and he ordered 2 more)


The Uplifting Urgent VALUE to YOU is Clear! Exciting? Absolutely! There is nothing in the World like it.
Unlimited INSTANT GRATIFICATION for Yoou!    Double Easy!!     Order Now to Make your life Better!

Put in contact lenses (and remove them)
FINGER FREE! Places contact lens on the
exact center of eye Applies one (1) precise
eye drop - NO bending over - NO MESS!  
Wets dry eyes Gets the RED out FAST!  
Save Time.
Save Money (on Drops).