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How To Use Your EyePodMagic eye EyePOD

You owe it to yourself!
ONLY the EyePOD is great for Quick Relief of Dry, Irritated, Itchy, Burning eyes. By Accurately applying Eye Drop Medication using the EyePOD . Hydrates Computer-Tired dry eyes. A rewarding Joy after a long hard days work. Quickly relaxes, Rejuvenates and Revitalizes your eyes. You definitely can’t massage your eyes with a Bottle Point.

ONLY the EyePOD gives you such a New High Level of Feel-Good Sensory Delight. Speeds Redness Removal like nothing else! Its Hydrating & Circulation stimulating qualities are an Anti-Aging Regenerative ‘Beauty Treatment”. Makes eminent sense.

VIDEO: How To Put In and Remove Contacts

Soft contact INsertion & Removal:

Hard Contact insertion: & Removal:

The EyePOD is Transformative - it took something Extraordinarily Difficult and made it EXTRAORDINARILY EASY !
Dr.Chuck says: "I am still reeling from the incredible impact of the LENSMaster's Instant Gratification functionality. Something almost impossible to do for millions of people is now just plain easy. It is Historic! It is Amazing. ( applause now) I pop lens in and out several times a day just for the now magnificent fun of doing it, compared to being a bit tentative before.

With the EP putting Lens In & Out is NOW truly 'Childs-play'. There is no longer ANY challenge in it. It is now FUN FUN FUN! (you can quote me on that). It is a WOW Squared and in Stereo. It is mathematically a ' Hi Pi ' , but that may be circular reasoning. In any case it is eye-eye boggliing.

VIDEO: How To Put Eye Drops In Your Eyes
How to save Money On Eye Drops - The Easy Way
Squeeze 1 drop of any prescription or OTC eye drop solution into the center chamber of the EyePOD.

Don't worry that the eye drops will spill out. The EyePOD is designed so that eye drops won't fall out - even if you turn it upside down!

Place your Eye POD gently over your eye. Press lightly on your Eye POD and the eye drop will "magically" JUMP onto your eye and wet it.

That's it! It really is THAT easy to put in eye drops using the Eye POD contact lens and eye drop aid.

REMEMBER: You should NEVER use your bare fingers to put eye drops and contact lenses in your eyes. Not only is it UNSANITARY, but with the Eye EyePOD, it's also UNNECESSARY!

The Eye POD is the ONLY optical aid on the market that will let you put in and remove contact lenses and put in eye drops EASILY, HYGIENICALLY, QUICKLY, and SAFELY!

Don't put the health of your eyes at risk! Keep your eyes healthy and beautiful with the EyePOD.


Unlimited INSTANT GRATIFICATION for Yoou!     Double Easy!!    Order Now to Make your life Better!